US Pilgrim Commemorative  1920 and 1921
US Pilgrim Commemorative 1920 and 1921

This beautiful coin commemorates the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Massachussetts in 1620. It is one of a series of half dollars produced by the US mint between 1893 and 1954. The mint re-started production of commemorative coins in 1982, and has been going full-bore ever since. (They found out that collectors will pay outlandish prices for collectible coins. That's my opinion, of course.)

With very few exceptions, all US commems are remarkable pieces of coin artistry. Your Pilgrim coin is especially beautiful. (My opinion again!)

The catalogs report the following values for these coins.

worn: $30 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $50
well preserved: $55
fully uncirculated (as in the picture): $100

worn: $50
average circulated: $90
well preserved: $115
fully uncirculated (as in the picture): $200

That is catalog value, remember. See our Important Terminology link to understand what catalog value means.

Our thanks to eBay seller Great Southern Coins for use of their spectacular coin image.

Coin: 1429 , Genre: United States
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