Token: US Confederate Novelty Pieces: 5 and 20 Dollars, 1/4 Cent (Counterfeit)  1861 to 1864
Token: US Confederate Novelty Pieces: 5 and 20 Dollars, 1/4 Cent (Counterfeit) 1861 to 1864

The Confederate States of America issued two coins in their short history. Genuine CSA one cent and 50 cent coins are worth thousands of US dollars, but there are many counterfeits and cheap imitations.

The CSA did not issue any gold coins. If your coin looks like gold, it is a novelty piece that sells for a few dollars.

We have write-ups on genuine CSA coins at these links:

- Cent
- Half Dollar

There is a great web site dedicated to these coins at

To add even more confusion, there are odd denomination pieces kicking around. These are all most certainly fakes and reproductions designed to fool unwary tourists during their treks through Dixieland. As far as I know, all are worthless, or of low value.

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