US Fake Silver Dollar (Counterfeit)  1799 to 1804
US Fake Silver Dollar (Counterfeit) 1799 to 1804

Dora, the lady who sent in this request, has an imitation of the most celebrated US rare coin: the 1804 silver dollar. Too bad it is not real. There are only 15 genuine 1804 dollar coins known to exist. Counterfeits are worth zero.

In the US we have a law that says all replicas of collectibles must be identified with the word COPY. In China, they have a similar law, but only for Chinese coins. The crooks in China are flooding the market with all sorts of non-Chinese coins without the word COPY. They were recently outlawed on eBay, but they are still playing havoc with coin collecting. Sooner or later China will grow up as a nation and put a stop to it. But right now it is a real problem for collectors. And China is not the only culprit.

It is often possible to identify a counterfeit coin simply by looking at it. The quality of the strike and the details in the design sometimes betray a counterfeit. But not always. Sometimes a professional coin authenticator is needed to separate real coins from fakes. These professionals use advanced techniques for their work, including specific gravity tests, microscopic examination, and extensive databases of minute coin details. Final authentication authority comes from PCGS, NGC, ICG, and ANACS. Look them up on the Internet. Do not use other services.

There is a superb article on Chinese counterfeiting at this Reid Goldsborough web site [Press Here], and an overall Coin Collecting Consumer Protection Guide as well. CoinQuest thanks Reid Goldsborough for use of the counterfeit dollar image above. The genuine coin comes from Stack's Bowers, where it sold for more than $76000 US dollars in a 2014 auction.

One of the best indicators of authenticity is weight. An accurate scale, often available at a jewelry store, can immediately detect off-weight coins. A genuine 1804 silver dollar weighs precisely 26.96 grams.

With the advent of the COPY law, known as the Hobby Protection Act, interesting new area of coin collecting opened: Legal Reproductions. With COPY tucked neatly into the design, entrepreneurs like respected numismatist Ken Potter started producing coins that most collectors could never dream of owning. Now, for a few dollars, anyone can own an 1804 silver dollar that looks absolutely fantastic. You can see Ken's treasures at his web site Rare Coin Reproductions.

You can see the comparison in the picture below.

CoinQuest thanks Bowers and Merena Coin Auctions, nowStack's Bowers and Ken Potter for use of their coin images.

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