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US Trade Dollar Pattern (fake) 1873

 Date: 1873 
 Mint mark: None 
 Size: large 
 Description from requester: 1873 Trade dollar silver - Ladies on globe with Liberty written across the globe with a wheat bundle behind her with we NO PLOW handles like others. Some type of leaves in front of her and she is holding a rod with perhabs a hat on it. Back side is an eagle on top of a shield under the shiled on a ribbon with in God we trust with 420 Grains under that 900 fine under that TRADE DOLLAR 
 [Request 1362 received from chris, Tuesday, 22-Sep-2009, answered by Chris] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Tuesday, 14-May-2013] 

US Trade Dollar Pattern (fake) 1873 | dollar trade woman hat queen headdress hawk nickel cap falcon eagle fine rod god trust plow bundle liberty type 420 Sure enough, Chris, that's a Trade Dollar pattern coin form 1873. If it were genuine, it would be worth a bundle. Bowers and Merina had one at auction and it sold for more than $2000 US dollars.

Very likely you have a replica coin like the one in the picture from eBay seller ixwisdom. These are worth a few dollars.

If you think you might have a genuine coin, you should have it authenitated, graded, and encapsultated by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS. That will settle the genuine-or-not argument once and for all!

CoinQuest thanks ixwisdom for the use of their coin photo.

Tags: dollar trade woman hat queen headdress hawk nickel cap falcon eagle fine rod god trust plow bundle liberty type 420 globe wheat we an shield 900 ribbon dollars trading doller dol usa counterfeit sit female womans seat women ladies ladys femal feminine females womens lady princess lsdy empress hood nichol queens nickle leaf nickels eagles eaglets eag hooded caps nikel queem egals eagel eable egal nichel ealge grain shiled weat shileld ribbons shied goddess sash chevrons sheild liberie trvst liberity globes handle shields wheats fino rods shelid plowing wheatie ashield godess types escucheon ribon shild repro fake replica counterfiet us counterfet reproduction counterfeits reproductions seated sitting stool sits leafed leaves leavs leave leaved leafs leafy handled handles grains


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