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Italy 100 Lire 1955 to 1989

 Date: 1979 
 Mint mark:
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: The front has the face of a man with a wreath head band on the inscriptions say REPVBBLICA ITALIANA and there is a little bitty inscription directly underneathe the head and i cant make out the second word but the first word is ROMAGNOLI. On the back there is a man in drapped clothing with a helmet on hold a long stick or rod in one hand and next to him is a tree that he is grabbing. Closer to the bottom of the tree trunck on the left hand side is a capital L.100, straight across from that on the right hand side is a mint mark R. 
 [Request 1341 received from monique, Saturday, 19-Sep-2009, answered by Paul] 
 [Updated by CoinQuest, appraisal ok, Wednesday, 15-Aug-2012] 

Italy 100 Lire 1955 to 1989 | lire italy 100 trunk steel rod queen woman branch iron stick stalk staff wreath man head i romagnoli tree mark These coins, minted in stainless steel, not silver as Monique has assumed, generally are worth only a dollar or two US. Some of the earlier dates, before 1962, can bring catalog values of about $100, but only if in fully uncirculated condition. Dates after 1962 are generally not very valuable even in pristine condition.

Use our Important Terminology page to understand what 'catalog value' means. It is an inflated value.

Dates with high catalog values in fully uncirculated condition are:

1955: $185 fully uncirculated
1956: $50 unc
1957: $50 unc
1958: $120 unc
1959: $120 unc
1960: $100 unc
1961: $100 unc
1962: $40 unc
1963: $30 unc

The coin in our picture is well preserved, but it is not fully uncirculated. Assigning numismatic grades (conditions) to these stainless steel coins can be tricky. Usually to get one fully uncirculated it must be in special packaging and purchased directly from the mint. See our comparison figure below. The luster, or frostiness, or creaminess, is what you look for in a truly uncirculated coin.

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