Canada 5 Cents Commemorative  1943
Canada 5 Cents Commemorative 1943

These commemorative nickels, minted in brass (copper and zinc) haven't yet started to pick up value, even in well-preserved condition. If your coin looks like the picture, which is not fully uncirculated, but nearly so, figure a catalog value of $3 US dollars. Use the Important Terminology link to understand what 'catalog' means.

In circulated condition the brass nickels are worth about $1 or 2 US dollars.

In 1944 the Royal Canadian Mint produced coins with the same 5 cent pattern, but in chrome-plated steel. These continued through 1945 and then in 1948 production picked up with coins minted in nickel. All these are common coins, like the 1943 brass examples, and are worth more than face value only when in fully uncirculated condition.

While 1944 chrome coins are common, the 1944 brass issue is extremely rare. Reportedly, 8000 were minted in brass, but only a single specimen is known - they were most likely never distributed into circulation, but somehow a single coin escaped the mint, maybe in the pocket of a mint employee.

If you have the second specimen of the brass torch-and-V commemorative 5 cent with the 1944 date known to mankind, you are very lucky. However, it is most likely a counterfeit.

Coin: 1321 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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