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Great Britain Florin 1911 to 1926

 Date: 1922 
 Mint mark: not apparent 
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: front of coin at top says ONE FLORIN. Picture is worn, but depicts four shildswitha triangle design in the middle with four swords separating the shields. Teh back of the coin is a head. starting in bottom left, going clockwise 'GEORGIVS V D C]BRITT:OMN:REX F.D IND:IMP' 
 [Request 1245 received from stacey, Monday, 07-Sep-2009, answered by Paul] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Monday, 03-Sep-2012] 

Great Britain Florin 1911 to 1926 | britain florin great harp lion crown scepter george coat man sword shield king rex ind head four triangle omn imp Let's see. In the old British monetary system there were 4 farthings in a pence, 12 pence in a shilling, and 2 shillings in a florin. The type of florin that you have was minted between 1911 and 1926, and all these coins are about equal in value regardless of date. In worn condition they start at about $10 US dollars catalog value and get as high as $50 in well-preserved, but circulated, condition. A fully uncirculated coin catalogs near $100.

By the way, there were 5 shillings in a crown, 4 crowns in a pound (also known as a sovereign), and 21 shillings in a guinea.

Tags: britain florin great harp lion crown scepter george coat man sword shield king rex ind head four triangle omn imp shildswitha v britsh britt brit english british britan britian britaain brittish brittrex brilt england uk brittain brittan gearge crpwn goerg tiera georg crowns sceptor geroges glorgivs crowned septor halfcrown geogivs crwon geroge tiarra georgious georgvs tiara georgian septer georgeivs georgevs georgium georgius georgivs stgeorge georgia tiger georgvis georger lions geor mans shiled broadsword male shileld swords crests shied arms crest insignia chevrons creast sheild boy shields shelid kings coats ashield escucheon shild exind headed heads oneheaded etind rexind triagles triange rexetind triangles rexx triangular start


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