France 5 Francs  1933 to 1950
France 5 Francs 1933 to 1950

I like French coins. The designs are always interesting, artistic, and well done. This design is no exception.

Your coin, dated 1945, is worth between $1 and $10 catalog value, depending on mint mark. Look at the bottom of the coin on the reverse. If you see a small C, you have the $10 coin. Otherwise it's the $1. These are inflated catalog values. Be sure to check the meaning of 'catalog' using the Important Terminology link.

There are other dates and mint marks of this coin that carry a good deal of collector value due to low mintages. Specifically, the 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1939 coins but only if they are made of nickel. There are others with these dates that are made of aluminum bronze that are low value, however. Also, the 1952 date in aluminum catalogs at $100 in average circulated condition.

These are approximate catalog values for these coins in nickel when average circulated:

1936: $700
1937: $60
1938: $25
1939: $1200

All other coins, except those listed just above, are equivalent in value to the coin in the second paragraph.

Coin: 1184 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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