Spain 5, 25, and 50 Pesetas  1957
Spain 5, 25, and 50 Pesetas 1957

The 1957 5, 25, and 50 pesetas coins from Spain are ones that can get collector juices flowing. The vast majority of these coins are very common, low-value pieces. These coins are made of copper-nickel and are worth only face value. A collector might pay a few US dollars to add a fully uncirculated specimen to his or her collection.

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: less than $1
well preserved: $1
fully uncirculated: $5

All coins carry the 1957 date. The interesting part is the small star on the reverse side of the coin. It contains two numbers, and certain coins with certain numbers are quite rare. You need a magnifier to clearly see the starred numbers. On some coins the star is replaced by the letters BA, and these, also, are rare.

The list below gives approximate catalog values for special coins that have star numbers as listed. Values quoted are for coins in well preserved condition.

star numbers 58, 61, 66: $3
star number 63: $15
letters BA in place of star: $150

star number 58: $10
star number 61: $35
star number 71: $5
star number 73: $60
star number 75: $3
letters BA in place of star: $60

star number 58 with UNA LIBRE GRANDE written on edge: $400*
star numbers 68, 69: $800
star number 70: $100
star numbers 72, 73, 74: $50
star number 75: $10
letters BA in place of star: $60

*A 50 pesetas with star number 58 without UNA GRANDE LIBRE written on the edge is very common and worth less than $1 US dollar.

Coins with star numbers that are not called out above are worth less than $1 US dollar.

If you have a coin in superb quality it is a good idea to check it out with a professional coin dealer or a knowledgeable collector.

Coin: 11410 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1957 there is a old man on the front and around his head it said francisco franco caudillo de espana por la dios,on the back there is a bird to the right or his head it has ,50 ptas,and to the left of him under his wing there is a star with the number 58 in it and a robin in its mouth that said ,una grande libre, and a box shaped this on its chest
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