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Canada (Bas) Sous Penny Token 1837 to 1839

 Date: 1837 
 Mint mark: not apparent 
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: I was looking at you site and looking for this coin 1837 half penny I think. on the front it says province DU BAS Canada and UN SOU on the back it looks just like your image 'canada_half_penny_token_1844 . But on the from it looks like a lady in a dress 
 [Request 10698 received from Rick, Friday, 09-Mar-2012, answered by Chris] 
 [Reviewed by Chris - Appraisal OK, Monday, 10-Mar-2014] 

Canada (Bas) Sous Penny Token 1837 to 1839 | canada bas sous token province du bank deux un concordia coat man beaver ellipse building house cross flower oval shield Hi Rick -- There are several variations of these old bank tokens from Quebec, Canada. One of the patterns is shown on this CoinQuest page. Your coin has the standing figure instead of the bank building. They come in one sou (un sou) and two sous (deux sous) denominations, which are equivalent to half penny and penny, respectively.

Value-wise, these are low value pieces unless they are in excellent shape. A worn coin is worth $1 US dollar or less. Most average circulated coins are worth around $20. Values climb into the hundreds of dollars if you can find an uncirculated example. See our other page for value listings and requirements for the truly valuable pieces from 1838 and 1839.

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