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Ancient Greece (Olympia) 93rd Olympiad Stater  408BCAncient Greece (Olympia) 93rd Olympiad Stater 408BC Australia 1 Cent  1966 to 1984Australia 1 Cent 1966 to 1984
Germany (Mansfeld-Artern) Thaler  1617 to 1624Germany (Mansfeld-Artern) Thaler 1617 to 1624 Medal: Romania 1825 Years Baile Herculane (Hercules)  1978Medal: Romania 1825 Years Baile Herculane (Hercules) 1978
Medal: Great Britain George II Indian Peace  1757Medal: Great Britain George II Indian Peace 1757 Spain Spanish Colonial 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Reales (Carolus III and IIII)  1772 to 1808Spain Spanish Colonial 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Reales (Carolus III and IIII) 1772 to 1808



Bolivia 100, 250, and 500 Pesos Bolivianos - 150th Anniversary of Independence  1975

The peso boliviano, divided into 100 centavos, was the currency of Bolivia from January 1, 1963 until December 31, 1985. These coins, 100, 250, and 500 pesos bolivianos, on the obverse show two busts, one is the president at that time, Hugo Banzer Suares, and second is Simon Bolivar, leader of the independence movement throughout Latin America. Hugo Banzer Suares was president in two periods 1971-1978 by coup and 1997-2001 for elections.

The reverse legend 'Sesquicentennial' and both sides of the national coat, the years 1825 (year of the independence of Bolivia) to 1975 commemorates the anniversary of 150 years of independence. The design is common to the 100, 250, and 500 pesos bolivianos coins.

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Medal: US Washington Lincoln

It is not difficult to stump us, Allie. And stump us you have. We have not see this particular token before but a Google search lead us to this picture from Charles Calkins.

As to value, Rich Hartzog of reports the following:

This is a restrike from the US Mint of a medal first issued in 1864 to 1866. Anthony Paquet did the Washington side and William Barber the Lincoln side. It comes in two sizes. The mint sold these in recent decades for a few dollars each. A number of different similar pieces exist with Grant, Jackson and Garfield in various combinations with reverse dies. They are listed in the Julian book 'Medals of the United States Mint', which I stock on my exonumia book list.

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Mexico (Chihuahua) 1/4 Real  1860 to 1866

The coin in our primary image is in gorgeous condition. You hardly ever see them this way. It comes from the world-renowned Stack's Bowers auction house, where it sold for $225 US dollars in a 2011 auction. The worn coin in our secondary picture is more typical. It is worth about $10.

This is a 1/4 real (pronounced ray-al) copper coin from the Mexican state of Chihuahua (like the little dog) minted during Mexico's First Republic.

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Sweden 1 Krona  1976 to 2000

It's an ordinary circulation coin. These coins are minted in non-precious copper-nickel clad copper. Value-wise, modern coins all carry very low values. At current exchange rates 1 krona Sweden is about 14 US cents. A collector might pay up to $1 to add an uncirculated specimen to his or her collection.

Coin: 17892
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Token: US Washington (Served Without Pay)  1789

George Washington is such a prominent figure in American history, there are dozens, probably hundreds, of medals and tokens made in his honor. The one is modern, made in the past few years, with low value:

circulated: $1 US dollar approximate retail price
fully uncirculated: $2
The one in our picture is fully uncirculated and it sold on eBay for $1.99.

Coin: 17891
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Mexico 10 pesos  1997 to 2011

These coins are bi-metalic an the weight is 10.33g. They are worth face value. A collector might pay up to $4 US dollars to add an uncirculated specimen to his or her collection.

Coin: 17890
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Brazil 1000 Reis  1939

This aluminum-bronze coin, with the portrait of famous poet and philosopher Tobias Barreto de Meneses, catalogs roughly as follows:

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1
well preserved: $2 fully uncirculated: $7

Coin: 17888
Requested by: RGH, Sat, 20-Sep-2014 20:14:11 GMT

Isle of Man Noble Coinage  1983 to Date

The Isle of Man has discovered that it is very lucrative to issue coinage. They have issued hundreds of different coins over just the past few years.

Manxman (an inhabitant of the Isle of Man) noble coinage is bullion coinage. That is, it is used to invest in precious metal. Most noble coins are made of pure platinum, although gold and silver have also been used with the noble designation. Read the inscription on the coin. You will see words such as '1 oz silver fine', 'gold 1/10 oz fine', or '1 oz platinum fine.' Once you know the precious metal content you can easily calculate the value.

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