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Medal: Germany Sede Vacante  1719Medal: Germany Sede Vacante 1719 US Morgan Silver Dollar  1878 to 1921US Morgan Silver Dollar 1878 to 1921
Turkey 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 Kurush  1876 to 1918Turkey 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 Kurush 1876 to 1918 US Lincoln Cent (Penny)  1909 to DateUS Lincoln Cent (Penny) 1909 to Date
Medal: Mexico Casa de Moneda Silver Round  1949 to 1980Medal: Mexico Casa de Moneda Silver Round 1949 to 1980 Cuba 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20 Pesos  1915 and 1916Cuba 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20 Pesos 1915 and 1916



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Mexico 8 Reales  1824 to 1897

Hi Deb -- You probably have a well-worn 8 reales coin from the old Republic of Mexico.

These coins contain 0.786 troy ounces of silver. So that sets the minimum value they can attain. For instance, if silver is selling at $12 per troy ounce (look it up for today's price at, the minimum price is 0.786 x 12 = $9.40.

Coins with the liberty cap and starburst pattern were minted in smaller denominations than 8 reales. In fact, denominations of 1/2, 1, 2, and 4 reales look the same, only smaller. The denomination appears explicitly on the coin in the place where '8R' appears on the 8 reales. Look for '1/2R', '1R', '2R', or '4R' on your coin and, if you have one, click to this appraisal page.

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Fiji 2 Cents  1969 to 2005

There is one special coin in this series: a silver 1976 proof version. It is worth about $8 US dollars. All other coins are made of bronze or copper-plated zinc. They are worth a few US cents. Collectors will usually pay a few dollars to add an uncirculated coin to their collections.

Coin: 19007
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Medal: Great Britain Port Sunlight  1914

Port Sunlight was built in 1888 by Lever Brothers to accommodate workers in its soap factory, now part of Unilever. The name is derived from Lever Brothers' most popular brand of cleaning agent, Sunlight. It is located in Wirral, Merseyside, England. The royal visit commemorated by this medal happened in 1914. Typical catalog values are:

worn: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $15
well preserved: $20
fully uncirculated: $30

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Colombia 10 and 20 Centavos  1897

Nice coin, Jon. Miss Liberty (Libertad) is on the front and the coat of arms of Colombia (with a condor) is on the back. These coins are made of 66.6 percent pure silver. They contain:

10 (DIEZ) CENTAVOS: 0.054 troy ounces silver
20 (VEINTE) CENTAVOS: 0.107 troy ounces silver

These coins can never be worth less than their silver content, so even a totally smashed coin (scratched, stained, cleaned, mutilated) is worth its weight in silver. But, collectors pay premiums for nice looking specimens:

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US Massachusetts Cent and Half Cent  1787 and 1788

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts authorized production of these coins during 1786. The coins themselves are dated 1787 and 1788. They are highly prized collectibles. You can find worn ones on eBay, but those in better condition are reserved primarily by big time coin dealers and auction houses.

Note the arrows in the eagle's talons. The coins in our pictures have the arrows in the eagle's left talon. If you can find one with the arrows in the eagle's right talon, and if it is a genuine Massachusetts coin (see more info below), then it is very rare.

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Token: India Ram Darbar Temple Ramatanka

We received an inquiry via e-mail about this unusual coin. Shailender sent us the photograph at the left, but no other information except that it is an ancient coin from India.

This page provides background for the coin and then a table of approximate values. Values vary widely with authenticity and metallic composition.

The coin is related to Hindu temples, i.e., it is a 'Temple Token', with various Western spellings such as Ram Tanka, or Ramatanka, or Ram Tonka. They were made as charms or tokens to carry around for good luck, and to catch blessings from the gods. They come with designs of Hindu gods and religious ceremonies being carried out in honor of them.

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Medieval Germany (Baden) 1/3 Thaler (Christoph I)  1519

The coin in our picture is the nicest one in our professional coin database. It sold in 2003 for 6600 Swiss Francs (about $6600 US dollars) by an auction house that is no longer in business. What a great coin! It shows Christoph I, Margrave of Baden (CRISTOF D G MARCHIO BADENSI) from 1475 to 1515.

Looking at the current catalogs and pricing sites, I think their estimates are somewhat low. Favoring actual auction results over prices from published catalogs, we get these values:

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Mexico 50 Centavos (Bronze and Copper-Nickel, with Cuauhtemoc)  1955 to 1983

These neat 50 centavos coins come in bronze and copper-nickel:

BRONZE: 1955 to 1959
COPPER-NICKEL: 1964 to 1983

The hard-to-miss Aztec emperor, Cuauhtemoc, appears on the front, and the national arms of Mexico appears on the back. There is also a silver 5 pesos coin with Cuauhtemoc (click to this page [PRESS HERE]). You can find an in-depth description of the 50 centavos coins over at Wikidot [PRESS HERE]. Here is how the catalog values go:

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