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Medal: Israel Theodor Herzl with 12 Tribes  1960Medal: Israel Theodor Herzl with 12 Tribes 1960 Medal: China Ni Sichong  1920Medal: China Ni Sichong 1920
Bermuda 10 Cents  1970 to DateBermuda 10 Cents 1970 to Date Trinidad and Tobago 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Cents and 1 Dollar  1966 to DateTrinidad and Tobago 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 Cents and 1 Dollar 1966 to Date
US Baldwin Horseman 10 Dollar Gold (Fakes are possible)  1850 to 1857US Baldwin Horseman 10 Dollar Gold (Fakes are possible) 1850 to 1857 India 1 Pice  1950 to 1955India 1 Pice 1950 to 1955
Belgium 5, 10, and 25 Centimes  1901 to 1931Belgium 5, 10, and 25 Centimes 1901 to 1931 Token: Great Britain False Shekel  1750 to 1920Token: Great Britain False Shekel 1750 to 1920



Medal: Netherlands Forger's Guild St. Eloy Hospital  1670

This is a medal of the Blacksmith's Guild (SMEDENGILDT) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. ELOYEN GASTHUIS translates to 'St. Eloy Hospital.'

We have not seen many of these medals, but a few appear in our professional database of coin auctions. Based on these auctions, our estimated values are:

worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $100
well preserved: $200
Catalog values are almost always inflated over actual buy and sell values. See our Important Terminology page for more info.

Coin: 21483
Requested by: Surjit, Sat, 20-Aug-2016 09:10:56 GMT

Great Britain Half Guinea and Guinea  1785

These are valuable coins. The one in our picture is a full guinea (not half guinea) dated 1785 with no problems such as scratches, nicks, or cleanings. It sold for 1400 British pounds (about $1850 US dollars) during a 2016 auction by Spink in London. CoinQuest thanks Spink for use of the coin photo.

Here are the stats:

HALF GUINEA, 1762 to 1786: 20 mm diameter, 0.123 troy ounces gold
GUINEA, 1761 to 1786: 24 mm diameter, 0.246 troy ounces gold

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Austria 100 Schilling  1935 to 1938

These are beautiful gold coins from Austria with 0.6807 troy ounces of gold. The catalog says that all coins minted were proof coins, made expressly for collectors. Usually proofs are found in protective holders with zero damage. Should they be removed, any subsequent damage lowers value.

First, find the base value (BV) of the coin, that is, the value due to gold content alone. If gold were selling at $1500 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up, it changes every day, on web sites such as kitco), the BV is then 0.6807 x 1500 = $1020. Find BV by multiplying the current price of gold by 0.6807.

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Medal: US Confederate Seal (Fakes are possible)  1872 to Date

The seal of the Confederate States of America (the 'South') was designed and created by Joseph S. Wyon in London. He also designed the Great Seal of England. The Seal shows George Washington on horseback, surrounded by the South's principle crops: tobacco, cotton, rice, sugar cane, corn, and wheat. The outside edge bears the inauguration date of Jefferson Davis as President of the CSA. The motto DEO VINDICE means GOD WILL VINDICATE.

Older renditions of the Seal are found in electrotype, an electrical and chemical process of the 1800s that formed metal parts to reproduce a non-metallic model. In this case the model was of the CSA Seal, and the metal was copper. Original electrotypes of the CSA Seal are quite valuable.

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Token: Colombia Lazareto (Leper Colony) Leprosarium 1, 2, 2 1/2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Centavos  1901 to 1928

There were three government-sponsored leper colonies in Colombia: Agua de Dios, Cano de Lord, and Contratacion. These coins were issued specifically for use in the leprosaria. They were scrubbed often, and most examples you see are worn to a frazzle. If you have a nice-looking specimen, it is quite valuable. Worn coins are not worth very much.

The different denominations minted are shown next. Use the 'values' entry to determine the value of your coin based on the listings which follow.

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Mexico 8 Reales  1824 to 1897

Hi Deb -- You probably have a well-worn 8 reales coin from the old Republic of Mexico.

These coins contain 0.786 troy ounces of silver. So that sets the minimum value they can attain. For instance, if silver is selling at $12 per troy ounce (look it up for today's price at, the minimum price is 0.786 x 12 = $9.40.

Coins with the liberty cap and starburst pattern were minted in smaller denominations than 8 reales. In fact, denominations of 1/2, 1, 2, and 4 reales look the same, only smaller. The denomination appears explicitly on the coin in the place where '8R' appears on the 8 reales. Look for '1/2R', '1R', '2R', or '4R' on your coin and, if you have one, click to this appraisal page.

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