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Mexico 10 pesos  1997 to 2012Mexico 10 pesos 1997 to 2012 Brazil 1000 Reis  1939Brazil 1000 Reis 1939
Isle of Man Noble Coinage  1983 to DateIsle of Man Noble Coinage 1983 to Date Indonesia 100 Rupiah  1978Indonesia 100 Rupiah 1978
Token: US Pocahontas Fuel Scrip  1900 to 1950Token: US Pocahontas Fuel Scrip 1900 to 1950 Mexico 8 Reales (Counterfeit)  1772 to 1808Mexico 8 Reales (Counterfeit) 1772 to 1808



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US Lincoln Kennedy Penny  1959 to 1980

It turns out an eager entrepreneur discovered several compelling similarities between presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Both were assassinated, for instance. In the 1970s the entrepreneur stamped regular one cent coins with a crude image of JFK and sold them, usually with an 'official commemorative' card, for a few dollars each. If you look on eBay, you can still find these traded for the same few dollars each. The penny itself, of course, is worth one penny. The card might be a collector's item by now.

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Liberia 5 cents  1960 to 1984

Republic Liberia monetary unit is the dollar which consists of 100 cents. In the cash circulation there are coins in nominal value 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1, 5, 10 dollars. 1 cent and 5 cent coins show a sailing ship with a palm tree on the reverse.

Earlier, in 1937, Liberia coins of denomination 1/2, 1 and 2 cents were manufactured.

The modern 1 and 5 cent coins, like all modern coins made out of non-precious metal (bronze and copper-nickel here), are worth face value. A collector might pay $1 US dollars for a coin in uncirculated condition.

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Jersey 1, 2, 5, and 10 New Pence  1968 to 1980

Like all modern coins made out of non-precious metal, these coins are worth face value. Collectors seek uncirculated coins to add to their collections, and may pay as much as $1 US dollar for a nice one.
Be sure to read this CoinQuest page [Press Here] which explains several factors that may make modern coins worth more than face value.

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Iran 1/2 and 1 Pahlavi  1902 to 1906

The Lion and Sun, or Shir-o-khorshid, is one of the better-known emblems of Iran, and between 1423 and 1979 was an element in Iran's national flag. The motif, which combines ancient Iranian, Arab, Turkish, Mongol and Jewish traditions, became a popular symbol in Iran in the 12th century. -- wikipedia

Shannon has a beautiful 1 pahlavi (or pahlevi) coin made of gold. There are many coins that look similar, that is, they have the lion, saber, and sun pattern, but they are not this specific coin with SH (solar Hejira) dates between 1321 adn 1324.

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East Africa German 20 Heller  1916

Coined in brass and copper (not gold, sorry Claire!), these 20 heller pieces from German East Africa ('Deutsche Ost Afrika', 'DOA') are very scarce today in better grades.

They are considered emergency issues, and were issued in the Tabora region of what is today Tanzania. During the Great War, German forces captured the capital of the region (also called Tabora) after a tough battle. During the East African Campaign, colonial armed forces of the Belgian Congo (Force Publique) under the command of General Charles Tombeur captured the town on 19 September 1916 after heavy fighting. Local control of the town was reestablished in 1919.

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Great Britain 20 Pence  1982 to Date

These are modern coins made out of copper-nickel. They are worth face value, 20 pence in the UK. Some silver specimens are available, but only as proof coins issued only for collectors and never entering into circulation.
Be sure to read this page [Press Here] about what makes modern coins valuable.

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China 1 Yuan  1991 to Date

The phrase zhonghua renmin gongheguo means People's Republic of China and many modern coins bear that phrase, along with the wreathed stars emblem of China. These coins are all made of non-precious metal and are worth face value (e.g., 1 yuan in China). Collectors pay a few US dollars to buy uncirculated specimens for their collections.

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India (British) 8 Annas  1919 and 1920

Hello Sunilkumar -- I'm here with my trusty Standard Catalog and looking up your coin. The catalog shows good value, but nothing spectacular. This coin is made of copper-nickel and was issued only in 1919 and 1920.

To be sure the catalog values reflect reality, I then look at auction prices for these coins. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE, especially in coins that are in good condition. The auction results are far higher than the catalog values. This happens sometimes, but not often.

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