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Germany (Saxony Albertine) Klippe Thaler  1693Germany (Saxony Albertine) Klippe Thaler 1693 Medal: Germany Rothenburg Medal  1922Medal: Germany Rothenburg Medal 1922
West Africa (Federation) 250 Francs  1992 to 1996West Africa (Federation) 250 Francs 1992 to 1996 Medal: Germany (Prussia) Last Signature (letzte unterschrift)  1888Medal: Germany (Prussia) Last Signature (letzte unterschrift) 1888
Medal: US Command Medals USN and USCG Medal: US Command Medals USN and USCG Portugal 50 Escudos  1986 to 2000Portugal 50 Escudos 1986 to 2000


Token: US Honest Abe Great Emancipator

I've always thought of Abraham Lincoln as the greatest of American presidents, greater than Washington, Jefferson, and the rest. Given the impossible choice of killing his own people in a gruesome war, or doing the right thing and abolishing slavery, Lincoln chose 'do the right thing.' It was an amazing act of courage. If our politicians today had one-tenth the courage, our world would be a better place.

But I digress ...
These are modern tokens made to commemorate this great person. They are mass produced in brass or bronze by the thousands and sold in gift and novelty shops. You can buy one on eBay for a few US dollars.

Coin: 17466
Requested by: Sandy, Thu, 24-Jul-2014 22:23:27 GMT

Honduras (British Honduras, Belize) 1 Cent  1911 to 1954

British Honduras was part of what is now Guatemala, south and east of Mexico and north of modern Honduras. Today British Honduras is called Belize. It is the site of the ancient Mayan civilization. It was under British rule until 1973.

The copper 1 cent coins of British Honduras are not easy to find, and their collector value is substantial for a lowly, copper, 1 cent coin. Three different rulers appear on the front, and the twined ivy ring appears on the back of all coins.

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Medal: France Napoleon III and Eugenie

Joyce, it seems that you have a medal showing the French Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie de Montijo. The design may or may not be the same as shown here on the page. You describe your medal as made of iron, pewter, zinc or a base metal, though we've found one struck in bronze with a gold plating. With these old medals, you often see the dies moving around and being reused for as long as the medal is relevant to strike, and so you often encounter the same medal struck in different metals.

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Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) 5 Korun  1993 to Date

These coins have been minted in nickel plated steel since 1993. They are worth face value. A collector might pay a few US dollars for one to add to his or her collection.
If you get a coin catalog, such as Standard Catalog of World Coins by Cuhaj, you will see listings of each date and the associated mintage. Some of years these coins were minted by the millions. Other years by only the tens of thousands. This mintage variation is too recent to affect value now. But, when the grandchildren are grown, the low mintage coins will be worth more than the high mintage coins.

Coin: 17460
Requested by: matty2me, Wed, 23-Jul-2014 19:10:18 GMT


Austria 6 Kreuzer  1848 and 1849

You probably have a 6 kreuzer, 1848 to 1849, from Austria, when Franz Joseph I was king. This coin is made of silver, but the fineness is low (43.8% silver), so there is not much value due to silver content.

When a coin is struck after the year shown on the coin, it is called a re-strike. For the 6 kreuzer, coins dated 1849 were struck in 1848, but also between 1850 and 1852, and restruck again during 1859 to 1870. Re-strikes carry the same value as normal strikes.

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Medal: Great Britain Capture of Cartagena  1741

I have yet to see a splendid example of this medal about the British/Spanish battle near Cartagena, Colombia. All of them appear to be worn to a frazzle. There are several different designs, all carrying about the same numismatic (coin collector) value.

The best one we've seen is at this CNG page [Press Here], and it sold for $295 US dollars. Others look like those in our secondary image and sell for about one-half the value of the CNG specimen.

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Switzerland 1 and 2 Rappen  1948 to 2006

Helvetia is the female personification of Switzerland, officially Confederatio Helvetica, the 'Helvetic Confederation'. Her image on the coin is the traditional one. A non-traditional rendering by ccdck appears in our secondary image. From Wikipedia: 'Helvetia is the Roman name for an ancient region of central Europe occupying a plateau between the Alps and the Jura Mountains. Helvetia corresponded roughly to the western part of modern Switzerland, and the name is still used poetically.'

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Australia Dollar (Mob of Kangaroos)  1984 to Date

That's a neat design for a coin. Even though a 'mob of kangaroos' may be unusual for us regular folks, it's commonplace Down Under. This pattern has been used on circulating Australian dollar coins since 1984. After 2000 the portrait of the Queen changes somewhat. These coins are worth face value: one dollar in Australia. If you can find a nice, uncirculated example, a collector or animal lover might pay $2 or $3 US dollars for it.

Coin: 17451
Requested by: mistI, Mon, 21-Jul-2014 21:22:12 GMT


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