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Great Britain Trade Dollar  1895 to 1935Great Britain Trade Dollar 1895 to 1935 Great Britain Penny and Half Penny  1902 to 1910Great Britain Penny and Half Penny 1902 to 1910
Germany 50 Reichspfennig with Swastika  1938 and 1939Germany 50 Reichspfennig with Swastika 1938 and 1939 US Confederate Half Dollar  1861US Confederate Half Dollar 1861
US New England Colonial Coinage  1652 to 1682US New England Colonial Coinage 1652 to 1682 France 5 Francs  1933 to 1950France 5 Francs 1933 to 1950



Medal: Japan Commemoration of Gold Standard  1912

What a neat medal. I really like the design on the front, with the scroll, coins, and flowers. Very nice!

We cannot, however, find very much information on this medal. The one in our pictures comes from prestigious Baldwin's in London, who describe the medal as follows:

JAPAN. Medals: Bronze Medal, commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the adoption of Gold Standard Currency, 1912, Obv scroll and gold coins, Rev legend in Japanese and English, 55mm. Polished and damaged, fine, scarce.
This specimen sold for $65 US dollars in a 2012 auction. That is a low price because Baldwin's medal is severely damaged. To estimate a price for an un-damaged, well-preserved medal, two factors come in to play:

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Ancient Greece (Egypt) Ptolemaic Kings Bronze Obols  305BC to 30AD

The Ptolemies came from a royal Greek family, and were the rulers of Egypt from 305 to 30 BC. Their coins commonly feature a curly-haired, bearded bust of Zeus right, portrayed with rams horns. The horned Zeus, or 'Zeus Ammon', was a deity worshiped by some ancient Greek Egyptians. The Egyptian deity Amun-Ra was portrayed with ram's horns, and the ancient Greeks identified him with Zeus. In this way the bust nicely ties together traditional Egyptian beliefs with the Greek pantheon.

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Colombia 16 Pesos  1837 to 1853

Yo, Charlie,

I am relieved to hear that your coin is authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by the Numismatic Guarantee Company (NGC). Many of the inquiries we get for truly rare coins are very likely counterfeits from China. Yours, obviously, is not. NGC stands behind their coins.

My Krause Mischler Standard Catalog of World Coins says over $2500 US dollars for your coin in extra fine (XF) condition. Your coin is considerably higher grade than XF. MS61 is a lofty uncirculated grade. Not only that, your coin contains 0.78 Troy ounces of pure gold, so a base value would be about $1075 in today's gold market.

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New Zealand Crown (5 Shillings)  1953

Hi marg , there were 250,000 of these copper-nickel New Zealand 1 Crown(5 Shillings) coins minted that year commemorating the Coronation of British Queen Elizabeth II (1952). Here is what the coin catalogs say about these neat coins:

average circulated: $6.50 US dollars approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated: $10

Coin: 17633
Requested by: marg, Wed, 20-Aug-2014 09:56:36 GMT


Bahrain 10 Dinar Commemoration of Independence  1971

Fi you have 10 Dinar COMMEMORATION OF INDEPENDENCE from the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain is an Arabic island country in the Persian Gulf ruled by the Al Khalifa royal family. The archipelago attained its independence in 1971 from British protectorate. This beautiful coin is made of 22 carat gold (0.917 pure) and contains 0.4717 troy ounces of the precious metal.

There is not a lot of information available about this coin. The most comprehensive write-up is found on the Chard web site Tax Free Gold [Press Here], and CoinQuest thanks Chard for use of this coin photo.

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Medieval France Franc à Pied  1365

If it is a genuine coin, you have a valuable item. That's great. The gold coins come from medieval France during the reign of king Charles V 'the wise.' The inscriptions read KAROLVS (Charles) DI GR (by grace) FRAnCORV (France) REX (king) and VINCIT (conquer) REGNAT (govern) IMPERAT (rule).

The coin in our image comes from Künker GmbH & Co. in Osnabrück, Germany where it sold for 1500 euros, about $2000 US dollars, in a 2014 auction. This gives an idea of the value of these coins. I've seen them sell as low as $800 and as high as $7000, depending on condition and overall eye appeal. Each coin stands on its own merits, so assigning exact pricing is essentially impossible. One thing is for sure: it is a valuable coin. Take your coin to a knowledgeable collector or professional coin dealer for an in-person inspection. If you would like to send us pictures, we may be able to estimate value with some accuracy. To do this, start an e-mail exchange with CoinQuest.

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Medal: US Crusader Ornament

This might be your item, Michael. We can't figure out very much about it. They are popular on the Zazzle web site. We cannot guess what the faint ATR inscription may mean.

Apparently this is a modern piece made with two popular themes from medieval times: St. George the Dragon Slayer and Madonna and Child. They are pretty cool, if you ask me!
Zazzle sells them for $30 to $40 US dollars. If they sold on a secondary market, like eBay, they would probably go for half that much. If you wanted to sell one to a coin dealer, for re-sale to a collector, the dealer would probably offer you $5 or so.

Coin: 17651
Requested by: Michael, Sat, 23-Aug-2014 11:24:43 GMT

Medal: US Large St. Gaudens Novelty Piece  1907

The St. Gaudens $20 gold piece is often heralded as 'America's most beautiful coin.' It is the subject of countless copies, reproductions, and replicas. The real coin (see this CoinQuest page [Press Here] for information) is very valuable. The copies, reproductions, and replicas are not valuable.
Requester June describes her coin as '3 inches wide,' so it is certainly not a genuine $20 gold piece. This novelty item is made of gilded zinc and weighs a few ounces, making it one of the classier reproductions. They sell on eBay for a few US dollars.

Coin: 17648
Requested by: June Scoltt, Fri, 22-Aug-2014 22:18:22 GMT


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